Aerial view/The shadow of a plane flying over a solar farm located on the farm to receive sunlight for electricity.


Aerial view/The shadow of a plane flying over a solar farm located on the farm to receive sunlight for electricity.



Curiosity Daily Podcast: Pee Pee Concrete, Black Diamond from Space, Electric Plane

Today, you’ll learn about an unusual proposal to use human tinkle to make buildings on Mars, a billion-year-old black diamond with an interstellar history, and what it’s going to take for airplanes to become totally electric.

April 14, 2022

Episode Show Notes:

A very unusual proposal to use human waste products could allow us to build on Mars.

Researchers propose making concrete with human bodily fluids by Hunter Dulay

Mars explorers might make concrete-like materials from their own blood and urine by Amanda Kooser

Concrete on Mars Could Literally Be Made Out of Astronaut Blood, Sweat, And Tears by Michelle Starr

Blood, sweat, and tears: extraterrestrial regolith biocomposites with in vivo binders by A.D. Roberts, D.R. Whittall, R. Breitling, E.Takano, J.J. Blaker, S.Hay, and N.S. Scrutton

A Brief History of the Flush Toilet by The British Association of Urological Surgeons

What is Plasma? by University of Rochester Health Encyclopedia

A billion-year-old black diamond has an interstellar - and very rich - history.

The Enigma: Billion-year-old black diamond sold for £3.16m by BBC News

A Huge Black Diamond, Purportedly From Outer Space, Is Now Up for Sale by Corryn Wetzel

55-sided, 555-carat 'Enigma' black diamond (potentially from space) goes on sale by Harry Baker

Enigma Black Diamond Sells For $4.3 Million At Auction by Tanya Klich

How an Ad Campaign Invented the Diamond Engagement Ring by Uri Friedman

We have electric cars, but what’s it going to take for airplanes to become totally electric?

What It’ll Take to Get Electric Planes Off the Ground by Gregory Barber

The challenges and opportunities of battery-powered flight by Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan, Alan H. Epstein, Yet-Ming Chiang, Esther Takeuchi, Marty Bradley, John Langford & Michael Winter

Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think by Elissa Garay

World's first electric plane start up parts ways with CEO in mysterious rift by Jennifer Korn

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