Black Files Declassified Investigates the U.S. Military's Biggest Secrets

Every year, the government funds clandestine programs collectively called the black budget. But what’s exactly behind these secretive missions operating around the globe? Former CIA operative Mike Baker will dig into these mysterious programs in BLACK FILES DECLASSIFIED.

April 29, 2020
By: Discovery

Mike Baker discussed the future of space vehicle deployment with the CEO of Virgin Orbit Dan Hart.

Mike Baker and scientist Ben McGee investigate the stealth capabilities of the Black Hawk helicopter.

Night Stalkers train to survive forced landings over water by participating in simulated crashes in the aptly-named Dunker Tank.

Scientist Ben McGee provides expert insight to Mike Baker on footage of an aircraft exhibiting propulsion more advanced than any known systems.

Night Stalker pilot Michael Rutledge goes over with Mike Baker the Night Stalkers’ stable of aircraft as well as one of its most famous missions--the raid on the Osama bin Laden compound in Pakistan.

Neuroscientist Amy Kruse shows Mike Baker how his brain waves can be measured and performance use of neural feedback through the sensor mounted to the headband.

Scientist Ben McGee and Mike Baker with acustom-built an electromagnetic (EM) rifle, a form of “electronic warfare” defense.

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