BattleBots Episodes

S9 E1 10/5/23

Champions: Sin City: Slugfests

The journey to the Golden Bolt begins with the first Sin City Slugfest.
S9 E2 10/12/23

Sin City: Slugfest Part 2

BattleBots Champions: Sin City Slugfest continues with a head-on fight.
S9 E3 10/19/23

Champs:SinCity: Slug Bracket 3

Get ready for bracket three of the BattleBots' Sin City Slugfest!
S9 E4 10/26/23

Champions: Sin City: Slug Me

The Slugfest continues: eight more teams risk it all for the fourth spot.
S9 E5 11/2/23


Vegas means war for BattleBots Champions - the Golden Bolt is their prize!
S9 E6 11/9/23

Champions:Sin City:GoldenBolt

BattleBots: Champions reaches its epic conclusion. It's fighting time!