Deadliest Catch Episodes

S19 E1 4/18/23

Call of a New Generation

Captains draw a new generation to face a common foe in the season premiere.
S19 E2 4/25/23

Wheelhouse Bound

Sig gets tough news at sea forcing the Hansens to make a critical decision.
S19 E3 5/2/23

Amazing Grace

Sig buries his beloved mother and Sean Dwyer sees trouble in a new partner.
S19 E4 5/3/23

Bering Sea Superstition

When Wild Bill's plan A fails on the Summer Bay, Maria tries plan P.
S19 E5 5/10/23

In Need of Rescue

Sig returns from his mother's funeral only to find his gear in harm's way.
S19 E6 5/10/23

Blood and Treasure

When Sig and Mandy butt heads, Clark finds himself caught in the middle.

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Bering Sea Superstition

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In Need of Rescue

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Blood and Treasure

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