20 Seasons
S2 E2 4/4/06

Batten Down the Hatches

The captains take advantage of rare, calm weather on the Bering Sea to drop their pots for king crab fishing. But there's an impending storm, and while Sig weighs the risks of fishing vs. running, Johnathan decides that the Time Bandit will fish through the storm. Meanwhile, the Cornelia Marie limps back to Dutch Harbor on one engine for repairs while the storm nips at its heels.


Episode   1

Heading Out to Sea

Episode   2

Batten Down the Hatches

Episode   3

On the Crab

Episode   4

The Finish Line

Episode   5

Friends and Rivals

Episode   6

A New Hunt Begins

Episode   7

Smoke on the Water

Episode   8

Man vs. Ice

Episode   9

On the Edge

Episode   10

Pribilof Stare

Episode   11

Race Against the Ice

Episode   12

Cashing In