19 Seasons
S2 E12 6/13/06

Cashing In

Facing the end of the season, the fleet is scrambling to the deep and pushing the fishing into overdrive. The Maverick does some precision fishing on the ridges of ocean floor cliffs, and the Northwestern continues pulling up massive pots. But with full holds and iced-over decks full of pots, the risk of tipping over while steaming back to port is high.


Episode   1

Heading Out to Sea

Episode   2

Batten Down the Hatches

Episode   3

On the Crab

Episode   4

The Finish Line

Episode   5

Friends and Rivals

Episode   6

A New Hunt Begins

Episode   7

Smoke on the Water

Episode   8

Man vs. Ice

Episode   9

On the Edge

Episode   10

Pribilof Stare

Episode   11

Race Against the Ice

Episode   12

Cashing In