19 Seasons
S8 E9 6/5/12

Nowhere to Go But Down

It's winter in Dutch Harbor and the fleet is preparing to hunt Opilio crab. The season looks promising with the quota up and the prices high but tensions begin to rise before the lines are even thrown. One deckhand quits, two brothers fight and one goes overboard.


Episode   1

The Gamble

Episode   2

Turf War

Episode   3

Weak Links

Episode   4

The Hook

Episode   5

Alien Abduction

Episode   6

Vital Signs

Episode   7

I Don't Wanna Die

Episode   8

The Aftermath

Episode   9

Nowhere to Go But Down

Episode   10

Rise and Fall

Episode   11

No Exit

Episode   12

Collision Course

Episode   13


Episode   14

Fearless Leaders

Episode   15

Release the Beast

Episode   16

The Bitter, Bloody End