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By: Nesa Nourmohammadi

Keep up with the latest panel discussions with FRANCESCO filmmakers and other dignitaries.

You can stream FRANCESCO when it premieres Sunday, March 28 on discovery+.

March 09, 2021

As part of the ongoing celebration for FRANCESCO, there will be discussion panels and virtual screenings held around the world featuring dignitaries, filmmakers and other individuals with ties to the documentary.

Check here weekly for updates on these events and watch discussion panels you may have missed. Don't forget that you can also stream FRANCESCO when it premieres March 28 on discovery+.

Women on the Frontlines Panel Discussion

In honor of International Women's Day March 8, this panel focused on women on the frontlines and Pope Francis’ recognition of female leadership in the church.

Global Refugee Crisis Panel Discussion

Director Evgeny Afineevsky joined Simon Billenness (International Campaign for the Rohingya), Suzanne Meriden (Syrian American Council) and moderator Adotei Akwei (Amnesty International) to talk about the crises in Myanmar and Syria, as well as the role Pope Francis has played fighting for justice and human rights.

FRANCESCO Exclusive Premiere Panel Discussion

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Upcoming discovery+ Documentary FRANCESCO Offers Intimate Look at Pope Francis

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An Amazonian Tree Sought Refuge with the Norwegian Embassy

When an employee at the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil opened the door to step outside the consulate’s building one morning, an unusual visitor was waiting outside who wished to seek asylum: a 19 foot-tall endangered Jatoba tree.

Clear Skies During Lockdown is a Pandemic Upside

With almost all of the world under lockdown, cars are off the roads and the smog is disappearing in some of the planet’s most polluted atmospheres.

Global Meltdown: Scientists Race to Gather Crucial Climate Data from Glaciers

Glaciers store a vast amount of important climate data within their frozen rivers of snow and ice. But many of the world’’s 220,000 glaciers are under threat from global warming and are melting at an accelerating rate. Now scientists are in a race to gather long-frozen records of Earth’s past climate from the ice.

Are Electric Highways the Way of the Future?

There’s a longstanding debate on how to reduce emissions in the trucking industry. Germany is testing out a new system — eHighways, which feed electricity to trucks while they drive.

Winchcombe Meteorite Unlocks Secrets of Early Solar System

Winchcombe is the sort of quiet English market town where life trundles along unremarkably day after day. So when a meteorite landed in the middle of a housing estate on the evening of February 28, 2021 it caused a rare and unexpected sensation.

Dinosaur Footprints from 200 Million Years Ago Discovered in Wales

Members of the public found the former dinosaur “trampling grounds” while at the beach in South Wales.

Here Are Some Things You Never Knew About Saint Patrick's Day

Every year on March 17th, people around the world celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with parades, feasts, and a whole lot of green. But what is Saint Patrick's Day and why do we celebrate it?

During a Plague, Newton Discovered Gravity

The world is currently locked in the grip of the deadly novel coronavirus. Around the globe, schools are closed, businesses are shuttered, and families are staying home as much as possible in order to curb the spread of the disease.

Historic Adventures Along Italy’s Mediterranean Coast

Perched on the dramatic coast of Italy, just north of Pisa, there are five small hamlets, known collectively as “The Cinque Terre”.