Murder Nova on race night.


Murder Nova on race night.

25 Street Racers are Competing on STREET OUTLAWS: AMERICA’S LIST

Get Ready To Race — STREET OUTLAWS: AMERICA’S LIST returns Monday, March 21 at 8p on Discovery and discovery+.

March 02, 2022

Hold on tight! 25 of the most talented street racers are competing in the ultimate head-to-head competition to claim the #1 spot in a new season of STREET OUTLAWS: AMERICA’S LIST. The racers are burning rubber on the blacktop roads in South Texas with new rules that allow racers to move up the list faster than ever before. Racing legends like Kye Kelley, JJ da Boss, Ryan Martin, Axman, Daddy Dave, and Lizzie Musi are pushing themselves to their limits to prove they have the speed, strategy, and moxie to be on America’s List.

Things are about to get interesting! The racing legends we all know and love from every corner of the country are ready to prove that they have the speed & strategy for a spot on

America’s List has expanded to 25 spots this season, only the fastest and biggest names in racing including Kye Kelley, JJ da Boss, Ryan Martin, Precious, and Lizzie Musi will go head-to-head to race for the coveted #1 title. No more hiding this season, every outlaw must now face their opponent head-on - including Axman who used the sneaky tactic to end last year with the top spot. This season is all about finding the ultimate street racer!


For the first time, cameras capture a behind-the-scenes look at how the racers on America’s List prepare for race night and then deal with the aftermath. During these four, one-hour specials, viewers will follow The 405, Team NOLA, and Memphis work on their cars in preparation for the list races, test races near the border of Mexico, and, “drive” their teammates crazy as they find ways to blow off steam while living together. Witness the unseen side of the STREET OUTLAWS racers during STREET OUTLAWS: AMERICA’S LIST - AFTER HOURS, premiering Tuesday, March 15 at 9p on Discovery.

In the most southern part of Texas, twenty-five of the fastest racers in the world converge to battle it out for the title of America’s best. Night after night, it’s a war to see who reigns supreme. What the show doesn’t highlight is the “After Hours” that happens pre-and-post races. For the first time, in this verite, doc-follow format we allow cameras into the daily lives of our racers as they live and race together. From repairing and tuning their cars at their respective residences, to goofing around together and having fun in town–we will witness a side unseen in the Street Outlaws franchise.

STREET OUTLAWS: AMERICA’S LIST - AFTER HOURS Premieres Tuesday, March 15 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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