Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief.


Justin Shearer, better known as Big Chief.

Photo by: Noah Schutz

Noah Schutz

Big Chief Prepares for No Prep Kings Racing Debut After Two Years of Trash Talk

The 405 street racer is feeling the heat of competition ahead of Monday's premiere.

“No one wants us there.”

Big Chief’s first No Prep Kings race will premiere this Motor Monday, and the Oklahoma City street racer is feeling the target on his back. The Crow has infamously talked trash about so-called “track” racers whenever they’ve show up on his OKC streets, dispensing his notable quote, “If you’re street, be street. If you ain’t, be ain’t.”

Despite a desire to remain “street,” at the end of the day, Chief just wants be “race,” and he’s prepared to humble himself (just slightly) for a shot at big No Prep prize money.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking trash about No Prep racing and track guys pretending to be street in general. But, I’m tired of sitting around not racing, while my buddies are out No Prep racing,” Chief said. “So, I’m gonna be the street guy who goes to the track, but I have a lot to prove when I go out there.”

Chief’s strategy going into his first race is focused primarily on keeping his head down, not making enemies, and keeping his mind in the game. There’s $40,000 up for grabs at each event, but The Crow will have to race his way in first if he hopes to see any prize money this season.

“The last thing we need is 32 of the baddest No Prep racers, who’ve been doing this forever, teaming up against me and trying to take me out,” Chief said. “Just pretend like we haven’t talked crap about them for two years and that they don’t want to see us fail.”

Team 405 has been pulling together the top brass from Oklahoma for an alliance aimed squarely at beating Texas. With Chief pulling up to the line, they either stand to gain a great advantage from The Crow or suffer through the growing pains as he works to find the right combination to run with the best of the best. Either way, the team is using first-round callouts to stack winning combinations and prevent Team Texas from taking out vulnerable racers for easy points.

With Texas and OKC focused on taking each other out, they left room at the second event in Maryland for Team NOLA to sneak into third place on the points board. Boyfriend/girlfriend duo Kye Kelly and Lizzy Musi sit with 35 points each, while Kayla Morton holds down second placed for Texas with 40 points. Ryan Martin remains on top for Oklahoma with 45 points.

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