The Impossible Row Reaches Antarctica Jan 9, 2020

By: Discovery

Colin O'Brady and his crew have achieved the first human powered row across the Drake Passage.

The Impossible Row Makes Landfall in Antarctica 15 Photos

By: Discovery

Twelve days after departing from Cape Horn, Chile, the Ohana reached Antarctica.

Historic Adventures Along Italy’s Mediterranean Coast Jan 7, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Perched on the dramatic coast of Italy, just north of Pisa, there are five small hamlets, known collectively as “The Cinque Terre” …

Is This Mars-like Desert the World’s Best Spot to Watch the Stars? Jan 7, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Forget Chile’s Atacama Desert, or Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. A petrified forest in Colombia is where you want to go for the best stargazi …

A Life-Changing Voyage to Antarctica Jan 2, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Take a trip to explore Antarctica. It's not just a physical experience but a spiritual adventure that you won't forget.

Exorcisms, the Ark of the Covenant, and Ethiopia: The Adventures of Justin Fornal Jan 7, 2020

"There are all different kinds of demons inside of people, some of them go easy, some want to negotiate, others want to fight."

Every Year, Thousands of Glass Orbs Are Hidden on This Oregon Beach Jan 6, 2020

By: Ashley Gabriel

When you think of treasure hunters, it's typically Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones that come to mind. But modern-day tr …

Discovering Europe’s Last Wild Rivers Jan 3, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Rivers in the Balkans are largely free-flowing, unlike other bodies of water on the continent. They are home to endemic species of …

This Little-Known Hiking Path Explores One of the Deepest Gorges in the World Jan 7, 2020

By: Madeline Weinfeld

A trek through China's Tiger Leaping Gorge is a journey into the country's most ethnically diverse region, where beauty and fear h …

Climb England’s Stomach-Churning Iron Way Jan 7, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Adventure into Victorian England with rickety bridges and vertical climbs across a 19th-century mine.

Explore the Via Ferrata in England's Lake District 5 Photos

By: Lucy Sherriff

Adventure into Victorian England with rickety bridges and vertical climbs across a 19th-century mine.

The Island of the Dolls Has a Murky and Terrifying History Jan 7, 2020

By: Reuben Westmaas

There's just something really thrilling about a place with a dark and mysterious past. Take La Isla de las Muñecas, for example. A …

An Epic Road Trip in Scotland’s Remote Highlands Jan 2, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Drive 500 miles of stunning scenic roads and forget relying on GPS -- this road trip is for explorers only!

Awesome Fjords in Norway Jan 2, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Avoid the crowds and adventure into the north of Norway. Norway is known for it’s awesome fjords. But what exactly is a fjord? It’ …

Explore Colombia Where Few Have Trekked Before and Discover New Bird Species Jan 3, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

The remote Serranía del Perijá mountain range, which divides Venezuela from Colombia, was once ruled by guerrillas, and near-impos …

The Tiny Weird World of Microcars 21 Photos

Microcars offered a cheap means of transport in post-war Europe and were popular until the early 1960s, by which time the European …

Explore the Magic and Beauty of Guatemala's Lake Atitlán Jan 3, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

Take an outdoor adventure through Guatemala's most mysterious, magical lake.

Faroe Islands Jan 3, 2020

By: Lucy Sherriff

The windswept, fairytale archipelago begging to be explored

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