Curiosity Daily Podcast: Roses Smell Different in Space

Learn about emotions in online reviews; how flowers smell in space; and how water efficiency affected human evolution.

May 20, 2021

Episode Show Notes:

Emotions matter more than ratings when it comes to online reviews by Kelsey Donk

Roses Smell Different In Space—And You Can Smell Like Them Too by Ashley Hamer

Human bodies use up to 50% less water than our primate cousins, which may have helped us spread throughout the globe by Cameron Duke

  • Humans evolved to be the water-saving ape. (2021). EurekAlert!
  • Pontzer, H., Brown, M. H., Wood, B. M., Raichlen, D. A., Mabulla, Audax. Z. P., Harris, J. A., Dunsworth, H., Hare, B., Walker, K., Luke, A., Dugas, L. R., Schoeller, D., Plange-Rhule, J., Bovet, P., Forrester, T. E., Thompson, M. E., Shumaker, R. W., Rothman, J. M., Vogel, E., & Sulistyo, F. (2021). Evolution of water conservation in humans. Current Biology.

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