Curiosity Daily Podcast: Time Crystals, Freeze-Dried Sperm, and Batching Tasks

Learn about time crystals; why researchers freeze-dried sperm on a postcard; and batching tasks instead of multitasking.

September 22, 2021

Episode Show Notes:

Two research teams say they've created time crystals by Briana Brownell

  • Eternal Change for No Energy: A Time Crystal Finally Made Real | Quanta Magazine. (2021, July 30). Quanta Magazine.
  • ‌Mi, X., Ippoliti, M., Quintana, C., Greene, A., Chen, Z., Gross, J., Arute, F., Arya, K., Atalaya, J., Babbush, R., Bardin, J. C., Basso, J., Bengtsson, A., Bilmes, A., Bourassa, A., Brill, L., Broughton, M., Buckley, B. B., Buell, D. A., & Burkett, B. (2021). Observation of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order on a Quantum Processor.
  • ‌Randall, J., E, B. C., van, Galicia, A., H, A. M., Markham, M., J, T. D., Machado, F., Y, Y. N., & H, T. T. (2021). Observation of a many-body-localized discrete time crystal with a programmable spin-based quantum simulator.

Freeze-dried mouse sperm survives a trip on the surface of a postcard by Cameron Duke

Multitasking Is Impossible, So Batch Tasks Instead by Ashley Hamer originally aired September 4, 2018

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