S12 E12 5/24/16

Into the Gale

Opilio season is here, bringing the captains together to celebrate New Year's Eve. However, their good cheer is short-lived when news spreads of a mammoth winter storm looming at sea. Captain Jake Anderson is thrilled to have a veteran deckhand aboard the Saga but the man becomes problematic from the start. Meanwhile, the Northwestern takes a brutal hit from a rogue wave that damages the boat's bow and rattles Captain Sig.


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Carpe Diem

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First Timers

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No Good Deed...

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Swedish Twins

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Cold War

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Into the Gale

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Proving Grounds

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Raw Deal

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Blood and Guts

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Trials by Fire

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Ablaze at Sea

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The Face of Fear

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Screaming Mad

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Beaten and Battered