Moonshiners Episodes

S13 E1 1/2/24

Moonshine is a Miracle

Tickle plots a legalization campaign while Digger reveals shocking news.
S13 E2 1/9/24

Try That in a Shine Town

Digger leads Amanda to where he last saw Popcorn Sutton's steel still.
S13 E3 1/16/24

Beer Before Liquor

Mark and Digger turn unsold light beer into shine. Josh is stuck in a van.
S13 E4 1/23/24

The Drunkest President

Tickle finds pristine water for brandy. Mike and Richard ignore a threat.
S13 E5 1/30/24

Quarter Ton of Backwoods Fun

Amanda and Kelly resurrect the recipe of a famous Appalachian apple brandy.
S13 E6 2/6/24

Tennessee Spirit

Amanda and Kelly distill a liquor that even Mark and Digger can't resist.

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