Alaska: The Last Frontier Episodes

S11 E1 10/9/22

He Might Die

Otto fights for his life after being trampled by a cow in a snowstorm.
S11 E2 10/16/22

An Uncertain Recovery

Eivin and August bear the burden of Otto's injury while he recovers.
S11 E3 10/23/22

Paying it Forward

Atz Sr. joins a group of veterans to bring water to a local homesteader.
S11 E4 10/30/22

Eivin's New Future

Eivin considers expanding the Kilchers' reach by becoming a bush pilot.
S11 E5 11/6/22

August's Choice

Eivin helps August with a mind-clearing trip to Red Mountain.
S11 E6 11/13/22

The Next Chapter

Etienne endures a homestead right of passage in the wilderness.