Ted D. Bear (left) and Baxter (right) playing on the field.

Photo by: Tony Aviles

Tony Aviles

Puppy Bowl XVIII Post Game Highlights

What a reBARKable game! The puppies of Team Fluff and Team Ruff gave it their all, and we couldn't be more proud. With a final score of 73-69, Team Fluff slid into the end zone for a last-minute victory.

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February 13, 2022

Raise the woof! Team Fluff's Coach Snoop Dogg waited 365 days for this rematch against defending champs, Team Ruff, coached by none other than Martha Stewart.

After the National Anthem, the big game for little dogs began!

1st Quarter



Emily (left) and Dinozzo (right) standing on the field.

Photo by: Tony Aviles

Tony Aviles

Team Fluff was determined to win back the most beloved treasure in puppy sports–the Lombarky trophy.

Team Fluff started with a strong lead as Birch galloped into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. After their loss last year, Team Fluff was looking for some redemption... starting the game off 7-0.

Team Ruff's Lulu and Emmylou came right out of the gates with high energy. But these pups were are all bark and no bite! Team Fluff scored again, cementing their lead at 14-0.

After a quick pep talk from their coaches, Team Ruff scored a touchdown, finally starting to catch up to their fluffy competitors.

Ellington blew past Chorizo to score another touchdown for Team Ruff. But Chorizo couldn't be kept down for long. Working with his puppy teammates, Chorizo snuck around the defense to score a touchdown for Team Fluff.

The first quarter ended with Team Fluff still in the lead and a score of 21-7.

2nd Quarter



Sky running on the field with a toy in her mouth.

Photo by: Tony Aviles

Tony Aviles

Bimini and Tayce showed off their fancy footwork, all while keeping the crowd and each other hyped! Mario grabbed a toy and headed for the end zone, but it was a fumble.

Dan the Ref called a few penalties that set the pups back. From dogpiling to an illegal beagle formation, the pups had to get it together.

With a score of 28-24, Team Ruff was catching up to Team Fluff.

Ted D. Bear scored a touchdown, proving to be a very valuable player for Team Ruff. With seconds to go in the first half, Ted D. Bear's play took the underdogs Team Ruff into the lead with a score of 31-28.


The world-famous Kitty Halftime Show kicked off to a great start. These fantastic felines had the crowd going wild. The kitties were hyped for their seaside shindig and gave the performance of nine lifetimes.

3rd Quarter



Surf (left) and Irwin (right) running on the field. Irwin holds a ball in his mouth.

Photo by: Tony Aviles

Tony Aviles

Anything can happen at Puppy Bowl stadium. Kirby took the snap, and tiptoed down the sideline to score a touchdown for Team Fluff. The cheerleaders went wild.

The 3rd quarter ended with a score of 52-48, with Team Fluff in the lead.

4th Quarter



Ellington (left) chasing Chorizo (right) on the field.

Photo by: Tony Aviles

Tony Aviles

After another score for Team Fluff, the game really started heating up.

After the kickoff, Team Ruff and Team Fluff were at a standoff. Then, Wasabi scored a touchdown. Elmo and his dog Tango were shocked!

Soon after, Odell Barkham scored a touchdown bringing Team Ruff into the lead, with a score of 69-66.

Puppy Bowl XVIII Highlights

With time running out in the last stretch of the game, this canine cliffhanger was about to be decided.

Down by 3, Fluff's Chorizo took the toy. With only 7 seconds left, Chorizo avoided a defender and ran to the end zone. Touchdown! This seven-point scamper won the game for Team Fluff.

Congratulations Puppy Bowl XVIII champions, Team Fluff!


Puppy Bowl NFTs

For the first time in Puppy Bowl history, there are 23 exclusive Puppy Bowl NFTs released weekly leading up to the game. Each drop will feature unique and pawsitively adorable trading cards varying in price and rarity, and a portion of the proceeds from all the sales will benefit Orange Twins Rescue, an animal rescue organization founded by brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson, and singer Ariana Grande.

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