Benny, Team Fluff

Benny, Team Fluff


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Meet Benny! Puppy Bowl XVIII's Most Pup-ular Player

The brackets are complete and the voters have spoken! It came down to Ted D. Bear the Goldendoodle and Benny the poodle, but after a competitive matchup, Team Fluff's Benny won the Pupularity Playoffs.

Congratulations to Benny for soaring to victory and being crowned Puppy Bowl XVIII's "Most Pupular."

Watch all the ter-ruff-ic players in action during PUPPY BOWL XVIII on Sunday, February 13 at 2 PM ET Animal Planet or stream on discovery+.

February 11, 2022

After four highly competitive rounds of Pupularity Playoffs, Benny is the official champion. Winning the title of "Most Pup-ular," this Poodle hails from Bosley’s Place in Smyrna, Georgia.

Bosley's Place is a nursery and sanctuary for neonatal and underage homeless and orphaned puppies. A birth defect left Benny with only two working legs but that does not mean he’s intimidated by other pups.

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Bracketology: Team Fluff Favorite Moves On to the Finals

The competition was hot as your favorite players made it to the last round of the Pupularity Playoffs. It all came down to these final two pups, before Benny took home the title of Most Pup-ular!

As a member of the Team Fluff starting lineup, Benny sure has made his team proud. Benny doesn't let his birth defect hold him back and loves getting around on his wheels and playing. He's not afraid to go after whatever his little puppy heart desires.

Congratulations to Benny! See him make some moves in Puppy Bowl XVIII on Sunday, February 13 at 2 PM ET.

New drop alert - You can collect the immortal NFT for Benny, the winner of Puppy Bowl XVIII’s Pupularity Playoffs now. Only one of these NFTs will ever exist! With this NFT, you can also appear as a virtual fan in next year’s Puppy Bowl! Plus, a portion of the proceeds from all the sales will benefit Orange Twins Rescue, an animal rescue organization founded by brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson, and singer Ariana Grande.

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Puppy Bowl XVIII Post Game Highlights

What a reBARKable game! The puppies of Team Fluff and Team Ruff gave it their all, and we couldn't be more proud. With a final score of 73-69, Team Fluff slid into the end zone for a last-minute victory. Missed the action? Stream Puppy Bowl XVIII now on discovery+.

Ready, Set, Pup! Introducing Puppy Bowl XVIII

​​Everyone’s favorite game is back in action! PUPPY BOWL is back with more ear pulls, tail tugs, sloppy kisses, and touchdowns you won't want to miss. Get ready to cheer on the puppy players of Team Ruff and Team Fluff as they give it their all.Mark your calendars for PUPPY BOWL XVIII on Sunday, February 13 at 2 PM ET on Animal Planet and streaming on discovery+.

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Get Ready for the Flurriest Competition of the Year!

PUPPY BOWL PRESENTS: THE WINTER GAMES, begins streaming exclusively on discovery+ on Thursday, February 3.

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Barking News: Snoop and Martha Host Puppy Bowl XVII

The O.G. dynamic duo, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, are joining in on the other ‘big game’ this year, as hosts of PUPPY BOWL XVII, streaming on discovery+ and airing on Animal Planet Sunday, February 7 at 2PM ET/11AM PT.

Puppy Bowl NFTs are Here!

For the first time in Puppy Bowl history, there will be 23 exclusive Puppy Bowl NFTs released leading up to and on the day of the game!