Woman sneezing behind a window, using a tissue.


Woman sneezing behind a window, using a tissue.

Photo by: Guido Mieth

Guido Mieth

Curiosity Daily Podcast: 5 Seconds to Sick, Animal Spidey Sense, Upset Pterosaur Tummies

Today, you’ll learn about the real science behind the five-second rule and why you may wanna reconsider eating that candy off the ground, why researchers are looking to our furry friends to build better early warning systems for natural disasters, and why the first animal to ever fly had a real issue keeping its lunch down.

May 04, 2022

Episode show notes:

Drop a french fry? Maybe just leave it there.

5-second rule: Science debunks food myth that stretches back to Gengis Khan by Sarah Wells

The Science Behind The Five-Second Rule by Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon

Still Good? 5-Second Rule a Myth, Study Finds by Rachael Rettner

Double Dipping? 5-Second Rule? Scientists Separate Food Fact From Fiction In New Book by Robin Young

What are your pets trying to tell you? Maybe there’s an earthquake incoming.

The animals that detect disasters by Norman Miller

Can Birds Warn Us About Natural Disasters?

Researchers think birds can hear hurricanes and tsunamis coming. Scientists are hoping to capitalize on that sixth sense to develop an early detection system to save lives.

Can Birds Tip Us Off to Natural Disasters? by Jason Gregg

Can animals sense when an earthquake is about to happen? by Anne Quain

Birds sensed severe storms and fled before tornado outbreak adapted from Cell Press publishing, article authored by Henry M Streby et al

Earthquake Warning Systems by Wikipedia

Nature of Pre-Earthquake Phenomena and their Effects on Living Organisms by Friedemann Freund and Viktor Stolc

Predicting the unpredictable; evidence of pre-seismic anticipatory behaviour in the common toad by Rachel Grant

Clues to how birds migrate using Earth's magnetic field by Helen Briggs

What do the first flying dinosaurs have in common with owls? Pellets.

Fossils reveal that pterosaurs puked pellets by Carolyn Gramling

You may have missed… by Imma Perfetto

Like Owls, Some Prehistoric Flying Reptiles May Have Regurgitated Pellets by Margaret Osborne

What Is a Pterosaur? by American Museum of Natural History

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