to illustrate the unhealthy lifestyle of  eating excess sugar especially in children


to illustrate the unhealthy lifestyle of eating excess sugar especially in children

Photo by: Peter Dazeley

Peter Dazeley

Curiosity Daily Podcast: A.I. and Angina, Undead Tigers, Electrici-sweets

Discover how artificial intelligence can help prevent heart attacks, how scientists are working to bring an extinct species back from the dead, and how sugar in our own body might soon make electricity!

August 10, 2022

Episode show notes:

Heart attack prevention.

  • “AI Predicts If and When Someone Will Experience Cardiac Arrest” by Jill Rosen
  • “Arrhythmic sudden death survival prediction using deep learning analysis of scarring in the heart” by Dan M. Popescu, et al.
  • “Heart Attack” by Mayo Clinic
  • “How the body regulates scar tissue growth after heart attacks” by University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
  • “Artificial intelligence in healthcare: past, present and future” by Fei Jiang, et al.

Back from the dead.

  • “De-Extinction Scientists Are Planning To Bring a Long-Lost 'Tiger' Species Back to Life” by Orlando Jenkinson
  • “Thylacine” by The Australian Musem
  • “Pathways to de-extinction: how close can we get to resurrection of an extinct species?” by Beth Shapiro
  • “The Roar of the Tiger is Fading from Our Planet” by Project CAT

Sugar: it’s electric.

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