Curiosity Daily Podcast: Blind Gamers Take the “Video” Out of Video Games

Learn about how blind and low-vision gamers are taking the “video” out of video games, with Cornell University Professor Andrew Campana. Then, learn about a newly discovered mammoth fossil that shatters the record for the oldest DNA we’ve ever found.

April 14, 2021

Episode Show Notes:

Additional resources from Andrew Campana:

New kind of mammoth fossil shatters the record for oldest DNA by Grant Currin

  • van der Valk, T., Pečnerová, P., Díez-del-Molino, D., Bergström, A., Oppenheimer, J., Hartmann, S., Xenikoudakis, G., Thomas, J. A., Dehasque, M., Sağlıcan, E., Fidan, F. R., Barnes, I., Liu, S., Somel, M., Heintzman, P. D., Nikolskiy, P., Shapiro, B., Skoglund, P., Hofreiter, M., & Lister, A. M. (2021). Million-year-old DNA sheds light on the genomic history of mammoths. Nature.
  • Callaway, E. (2021). Million-year-old mammoth genomes shatter record for oldest ancient DNA. Nature, 590(7847), 537–538.

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