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Photo by: Images from BarbAnna

Images from BarbAnna

Curiosity Daily Podcast: Covid’s Bright Side, Frogs Out on a Limb, Fertilizing Fuel

Today, you’ll learn about how COVID-19 may have revamped cities for the better, astounding new technology that could one day regrow human limbs, and how an agricultural fertilizer is going from feeding the world to potentially powering the world.

April 08, 2022

Episode show notes:

The pandemic changed more than just our home lives, it also changed the way we live in our cities.

The Pandemic Might Have Redesigned Cities Forever by Adam Rogers

Pandemic-led decline of US cities may be reversing by Howard Schneider

Car-Free Transportation Gets Boost from U.S. Grant Program by Laura Bliss

Pandemic-era Street Spaces: Parklets, Patios, and the Future of the Public Realm by John Bela

The Status of Outdoor Dining Across the Country by Amy McCarthy

Frogs found new legs with and exciting new breakthrough in limb regeneration.

A new device helps frogs regrow working legs after an amputation by Carolyn Wilke

Frogs regrow amputated legs in breakthrough experiment by Patrick Pester

Could Humans Ever Regenerate a Limb? by Jesse Emspak

How do we use frogs in research? by The Francis Crick Institute

Scientists regrow frog’s lost leg by Tufts University

Ammonia gets a bad rap, but a new “green” ammonia may be our solution to net zero carbon emissions.

Can ‘Green’ Ammonia Be a Climate Fix? by Nicola Jones

Green ammonia could produce climate-friendly ways to store energy and fertilize farms by Stephen Ornes

Ammonia: zero-carbon fertiliser, fuel and energy store by The Royal Society

Satellite Data Detects Hundreds of New Sources of Ammonia Pollution by Jason Daley

Watch this TED talk to get up to speed on green ammonia and shipping by Maria Gallucci

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