Peak of Mount Everest Above Clouds in Tibet.


Peak of Mount Everest Above Clouds in Tibet.

Photo by: Nicole Kucera

Nicole Kucera

Curiosity Daily Podcast: Tripping to Run, Everest’s Warning, Investigating Planet 9

Today, you’ll learn about trippy psychedelic drugs that could alter everything we know about mental health, a glacier on Mount Everest that is literally blowing away, and an object in the far reaches of our solar system that may or may not be there.

April 15, 2022

Episode Show Notes:

Psychedelic drugs are making a comeback, but not on the party scene. They could be the future of mental health.

The Future of Psychedelic Science by Ryan O’Hare

About Us by Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research

Back to the future: Psychedelic drugs in psychiatry by Peter Grinspoon, MD

The Future Of Psychedelic Medicine Might Skip The Trip by Will Yakowicz

The worldview-changing drugs poised to go mainstream by Ed Prideaux

Top 10 Hardest-Throwing Pitchers in Baseball by Matthew Jussim

How Dock Ellis dropped acid and threw a no-hitter by Larry Getlen

A glacier on Mount Everest is literally blowing away.

Everest’s Highest Glacier has Lost 2,000 Years of Ice in 30 Years by Brandon Specktor

Behind the Scenes of a Comprehensive Scientific Expedition to Mt. Everest by Sandra Elvin, Pete Athans, Paul Mayewski, Jiban Ghimire, Aurora C. Elmore, and Valerie Craig

Glaciers are shrinking fast. Scientists are rushing to figure out how fast by Rebecca Hersher

Everest expedition with 6 CCI scientists sets 3 world records by UMaine News (Contact: Beth Staples)

25 of the strangest Guinness World Records ever by USA Today Travel

What is a glacier? by National Snow & Ice Data Center

Why That Giant Ice Cube Is in Your Drink by Anna Archibald

An object in the far reaches of our solar system may or may not actually exist, but scientists are trying to find out for sure.

If Planet Nine exists, why has no one seen it? by Zaria Gorvett

Uncovering the mystery of Planet Nine by Lucy Freeman


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